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Written by M Carmen
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            The IES Sabina Mora has a complementary school transport service for those students that despite not living in Roldán have chosen out school to study GCSE, GCE and V.E.T.

            The transport service is organized in four routes with the following stops :

  • Ruta A:  Camachos 1 – Camachos 2 – Casas del Hondo – Casas del Pino – Redonda Balsicas/Infiernos – Triviños 1 – Triviños 2 – Los Infiernos – Balsicas Gasolinera – Balsicas Correos – Roldán. This route includes a companion.
  • Ruta B1: Balsicas/CEIP Garre Alpáñez – Balsicas Correos – Roldán.
  • Ruta B2: Balsicas Gasolinera – Balsicas Correos –Roldán.
  • Ruta C:  Balsicas Gasolinera – Balsicas Correos – Los Martínez del Puerto – Roldán. This route includes a companion.

            The students of school transport have a card with the student's photo, the route and the stop data as well as the color corresponding to the assigned route. During the trip, the students are subject to the disciplinary regime of the Institute.

            Students who need transportation must request it, through the corresponding form, along with the registration application. As far as possible, they will be assigned the requested route and stop so, when filling out the transport request form, we must be very careful.