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Pbworks: Web page that allows you to easily work collaboratively to create a wiki.


Canva: graphic design platform where you can prepare presentations, posters, brochures and other visual content. It has a very simple interface.graphic design platform where you can prepare presentations, posters, brochures and other visual content. It has a very simple interface.


Powtoon: platform for creating and distributing videos. 


Twine: : is the digital heir to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series. With this tool you can create interactive reading experiences. Using hyperlinked links, anyone can write an interactive story, placing options in the text that lead to different parts of the story. 


Make beliefs comix: :  is a platform with a simple interface for creating online comics. These can be printed or emailed. It is also useful for creating classroom materials that may appeal to students. 


Story board that: : platform for creating online comics. The free version is limited to creating a maximum of two stories per week per user and has fewer resources than the paid version. 

Mentimeter: : A resource for creating interactive presentations in which participants can participate in surveys, word clouds, or questionnaires and whose responses can be viewed in real time. 



Kahoot: website that allows the creation of questions on any subject in a fun way. Very useful to carry out the self-assessment technique, as it provides immediate feedback to the student. 


Quizizz: : very similar to Kahoot since it allows the creation of questionnaires, provides feedback and shows a ranking. It differs from Kahoot in details such as response time is not worth points, which helps some students not feel pressured by their response time. In addition, it allows the creation of personalized memes, which makes the questionnaire more personal and close.


Socrative: : app compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets. It works very similar to Kahoot and Quizizz for creating quizzes. 


Super Teacher Tools: : contains the traditional Jeopardy game or ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. They can be personalized with questions for any subject. 



Edpuzzle: : is a simple platform that allows teachers to create videos or choose a ready-made one with interactive questions. It is very useful to carry out the flipped-classroom methodology that allows to attend to diversity since the students view the videos at home as many times as they want and at the pace that each one needs. This website also allows collecting individual information about the progress of each student. 



Wordreference: : app and web that allows the search of words, synonyms, antonyms and definitions in different languages. In addition, it allows to check the phonetic transcription orally and in writing.

Howjsay: : app and web that offers the possibility of checking the pronunciation of words in English without paying attention to the written phonetic transcription. It uses audios from real speakers and allows you to choose different dialect varieties.