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Our center participates for the third consecutive year inthis Program at the initiative of the Torre Pacheco City Council. Two students of our Center are mainly responsible for reporting resources and activities that may be useful to other young people. The main objective pursued by this project is twofold; on the one hand, inform and disseminate the social, economic and cultural resources that, in the field of Youth are available in the Autonomous Community of Murcia and Torre Pacheco City Council, on the other hand, collect concerns and preferences of young people they know by sending them to the Youth Institute.

This figure has ven conceived based on studies that ensure that young people give more credibility to informatin when communicationis interpersonal and, above all, when it comes from another young person. For this reason, youth correspondents will favor horizontal communication, from young to young.

In our Institute we have enabled a room for them to perform their functions, as well as a bulletin board at the entrance of the center.