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“A book must be the ax that breaks the frozen sea that isinside us

Franz Kafka


The Library Team along with the Departament of Spanish Languaje and Literature detected the lack of a Center Reading Plan and it was proposed to elaborate one in whichthe entire Educational Community was involved, since up to now the promotion of reading activities had been imparted from some departments.

The basic objective of the Plan continues to be to encourage interest in reading, reading comprehension and consolidating the reading habit of students in the most favorable years (from 12 to 17 years old) favoring and improving their linguistic cometence in all subjects, their cultural background and their capacity for reflection and critical thinking. We know that it is a challenge that students read, so we propose affordable and heterogeneous readings that respond to diverse interests. 

The plan that we are going to detail below does not include new or original measures, many of them have already been carried out successfully in the center for years,others have been experimented in other institutes in the region; the reason why we have included them in this plan is because it seemed important to join and coordinate all the activities related to books, writing and reading; as well as having the experience of those teachers who, for a long time, have devoted a great effort incarrying them out. On the other hand, we want to make clear that this plan is only a interim project, which should be debated, open to all proposals that can help achieve their objective, which, ultimately, paraphrasing a Forges cartoon, is nothin other than getting young people read something more than a simple bar code.


  1. Encourage among our students an interest in reading. 

  2. Promote reading comprehension.

  3. Develop the ability to express oneself correctly, both orally and in writing, in a coherent manner and with an adequate vocabulary.

  4. Encourage, throuth reading and writing, a reflective and critical attitude of the student.

  5. Achieve that students understand reading as a playful activity. 

  6. Use ICT as a source of information, consultation, support and support for reading activity. 

  7. Strengthen the Library of the center and the Didactic Departments. 


1. Reading plan in the classroom

All ESO and 1st Baccalaureate groups will dedicate one hour a week to reading in class, although there is the possibility of also dedicating the hours of guard, always at the discretion of the corresponding teacher. 

The reading plan calendar would be developed in the following way: starting from the hour grid of the center, we would begin with the first hour of Monday, October 9, 217 and each week a class period would be advanced until the end of May 2018; in this way we ensure that everyone participates in the reading plan and that all subjects are involved in an equitable manner, depending on the weekly hours of the latter. In the last weeks of each evaluation the Reader Plan will not be carried out so as not interfere in the examinations.

The readings will be free, although the Language Department will guide readings to those students who request it, especially in the first cycle. Each student will bring their book, comic or magazine, which can be exchanged with other colleagues or take advantage of the center's resources. Books will not be lent in the Library or in the Departments on the day of reading.

The faculty would collaborate with the supervision or the advice, but it will not be able to impose readings to the students.

Group Delegates will explain the Reading Plan to their classmates and remind them the day before that everyone should bring the chosen book.

2. Library

The Library is a fundamental part of this reading plan.On the one hand, ensuring the loan of books, work done during breaks. On the other hand, it will continue to participate with the coordination of "On Thursdays we read", activity that involves all the tutors of the center.

Of course, as a physical space, it will be used as a place to disseminate these activities as well as for their exhibition (board of literary appointments, framework of recitals and readings...). In addition, from the library equipment, the day before, the students will be reminded of the class time during which the Reading Plan will take place that week.

3. Book day activities

The Department of Castilian Language, in collaboration with all those departments that wish it, will organize a series of activities oriented to the celebration of this day, from dramatizations to creative activities (separator workshops, literary decorations of the classrooms, poetry recitals...)

4. Press workshop: articles dedicated to literature.

- Reading recommendations (from the sections of "La voz del Sabina Mora”)

-Disseminations of activities of the Reading Plan.

- Literary anthology: both teathers and students canpublish their literary creations.

5. Encounters with writers.

The Library and the Department of Spanish Language and Literature, as far as possible, will organize meetings wirh writers who will bring their work closer to the students.

6. My favourite book

This project, in which teachers and students will recommend their favourite book, will be coordinated by the Library team.The objective is to spread these recommendations through the social networks of the center.