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Written by M Carmen
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We have launched two new Erasmus+ projects in this course. Both are part of the process of internationalization that this center has been carrying out for some years.

the first of these is an Erasmus+ projectof the KA1 category, in which nine IES Sabina Mora teachers will visit other European institutes to learn first-hand good teaching practices.

Thus, in the coming months, professors from different departments will spend a week in centers in Finland, Germany, Croatia and France, then apply what they learned to their work as teachers a the Roldán institute.

The second of the projects is entitled 'EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP: SHAPING A TRANSNATIONAL IDENTITY' and belongs to the category Erasmus+ KA2. This project has a duration of three courses and involves students from IES Sabina Mora, a dozen teachers from the center and five other centers in Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Estonia and Finland.