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The library of the center was included in the National Plan for School Libraries since its launch. The training received through the National Plan and, later, in the Regional program, together with the interest and support that both the Management Team and the Senate have shown over the past years towards the initiatives and tasks of the library, They have made it evolve considerably, seeing that the objectives contained in its first Library Project and Project 2 have been largely met.

Library programming also has permanent references:

- The Organic Law of Education.

- The National Plan for School Libraries.

- The Experimental Program of School Libraries (Community of Murcia).

- The results of surveys carried out by users regarding the degree of satisfaction with the library service and staff during the previous academic year.

The library has a total register of more than 4,000 copies. It has a total of 60 reading and work positions. Also, it has an area for loan and management with a computer equipment, shelves where the bibliographic collection is located, a closet where audiovisual materials are located, an exhibitor, a magazine rack, a relaxed reading corner, a notice board , a mailbox for desiderates and 6 freely accessible computer stations for students with Internet.


To manage the Center's library, a faculty commission has been created for this function. The group is heterogeneous and has 1 member. The names of the commission's professors are:

Gema Rodríguez, professor of mathematics.

The group's functions are of a different nature, the most prominent being the loan of bibliographic material, training for users, organization and cataloging of funds, organization of cultural events, design and implementation of activities to promote the reading, maintaining the library blog, selecting furniture and integrating the school library into the educational development of the center.


To be a user of the I.E.S. Sabina Mora you just have to be a member of the school community. All of them can make use of it by previously registering with their name, surname, type of reader (students, teachers and administration and service staff) and if they are students the course they are in at the time. In the period from September 2016 to June 2017, all first-year ESO students were registered as new. In addition, the library has supported the center's reading plan and has tried to have among its collection the books recommended by the didactic departments.


One of the most careful functions of the library has been to make the bibliographic collection accessible to students. The loan system for books and audiovisual material is governed by a policy that has been drawn up by the library commission and endorsed by the school board of the center.

In the school year from September 2015 to June 2016, 577 loans were made in the center's library. Last year the school reading plan was launched, which together with a series of good practices that have been put in place in order to give students more access to books: the consolidation of literary recitals at the first recess every Thursday of the course, increase the accessibility of books to library users, renew the bibliographic collection to make it attractive to students, increase the number of copies, maintain the idea that the library is a place open to consultation, obtaining information and where you can get books to enjoy reading them.


The Library has 7 computer equipment. The students use 6 of them to access information on the Internet, to carry out teaching assignments, to elaborate tasks on computers using bibliographic materials. The location of this material is indicated, it is also strategically designed so that the librarian can see the computer screens and thus be able to control the contents consulted and handled by the students.

This service to students is important basically for two reasons: many students do not have access to the Internet at home and the library somehow alleviates this loss; and because access to bibliographic material and a computer at the same time increases the possibilities of successfully completing the teaching tasks of the students. The commitment to new technologies in the library has been decided.

Another computer with printer is at the librarian's place to manage the library.

And there's a laptop, a digital pointer, and a wireless mouse locked up in a closet available to the projector cannon that's also in the library.


The library has various audiovisual resources. As previously discussed, the library has an in-ceiling image projector, plus a DVD player, laptop, two wireless microphones, and piped music. For the correct functioning of the sound of these devices, the library has a mixer and an amplifier. In addition, it also has an optical mouse, a remote control for slides and Powerpoint with laser pointer. All these means are used in all cultural activities, activities to promote reading that are carried out in the library and teaching classes. Also, these devices are important in the good practices that are carried out for the revitalization of the library and its integration in the school life of the center.

To guarantee the adequate use of the audiovisual media of the library, this space can be reserved through the INFOALU application so that teachers can order their use in an orderly manner.

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