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escuela embajadora


We have been one of the centers selected as Ambassador School of the European Union for this academic year 2021/2022.

This educational program is called Ambassador Schools of the European Parliament. It aims to stimulate the knowledge of Europe and European parliamentary democracy among young people, providing them with an active knowledge of the European Union and the European Parliament in particular.

It is as much about teaching facts about the European Union as it is about giving the opportunity to experience European citizenship: what the Union means in everyday life and what can be done to make Europe the way its citizens want it to be in the future. 

Students and teachers taking the European Parliament Ambassador Schools program will learn about the opportunities that European citizenship offers them and will be aware of the role that the European Parliament plays in the European decision-making process. The aim is therefore to make young people aware of their possibilities for action and understand, among other things, the importance of voting in elections to the European Parliament.